Visiting Academic Professor Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd

svein-olaf.jpgProfessor Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondeim visited UCLan  as a result of PhD Student Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas work with Animal Computer Interaction Design (ACID) technology, an emerging HCI research area exploring how animals can interact with technology. He presented his work on sheep monitoring, protection, health and gathering in Norway. With an average of 20-30% of sheep being lost related to illness and death, and a large amount of time spent locating and gathering sheep his work presents a technology solution to give the position of the sheep(s), the development of a collar to deter predators, inform the farmer of the attack and identify the predatory animal attacking. Alongside this project, a system is also being undertaken to program drones to automatically gather sheep along a set path. This will be done by using inferred cameras to identify the sheep and then in sheep-dog behaviour herd them back into the farm in the fall.  For more information about this project, you can read a brief overview at Ilyena’s ACID site or email Ilyena  or Svien-Olaf.