Leadership Programme in Cyprus

This programme focuses on providing students with the opportunity to explore leadership and their own leadership potential through a residential Leadership Challenge event, based in Cyprus. This involved a group of students flying out to UCLan Cyprus to participate in an intensive three-day programme. We were lucky enough to be able to take out a group of 36 of us from our School, and we certainly made the most of it and had lots of fun!

Check out the video that one of our students made. This was filmed and edited by Felix Krause using his GoPro and trusted selfie stick!

We flew out to Cyprus on Tuesday night and arrived quite late in the evening. However, the staff at the accommodation were fantastic and even helped us pre-order lots of pizza so that we didn’t go to bed hungry.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday on the fantastic UCLan Cyprus campus undertaking the leadership classes. The campus is really modern and the facilities are superb. Here’s a group photo (supplied by Dominik Weber) from the morning when we first arrived on the steps of the main building:


We also had breakfast on campus, fuel for the day, before we started on the leadership programme…


We were lucky enough to have Friday as a free day, as it was a national holiday (Labour Day) in Cyprus. Some students used this opportunity to have a night out in Ayia Napa the night before, whilst others spent the day visiting the nearby cities or even relaxing on the beach.

We even found time to meet with some of the Cypriot staff to discuss our modules and courses.


On the Saturday the students had to present what they had learnt, and they decided to do so in an innovative manner featuring the children’s game of ‘Chinese Whispers’. We did this outside by the pool to take advantage of the bright sunny weather, who says classrooms need to have 4 walls and a roof?



Too soon, it was time to come home again. All in all it was a very successful trip and the feedback from the students was very positive. Can’t wait to go back again next year!


International Agent Conference 2015

Last week saw 40+ international agents visit us on the UCLan campus from all over the world. We had a fantastic time in the School showing them round and talking to them about our innovative research and our teaching catalogue.

Graham and I even find time to take our India Regional Manager Govind out for some lovely Caribbean food.