UCLan Future Leaders Programme

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LeadershipThe UCLan Future Leaders Programme starts next month in April 2015 and lasts for 12 months. It is open to all first and second year undergraduate students across the whole of the University. This is a great chance for students to gain a leadership qualification as it is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and fully funded by UCLan, so it is at no cost to students.

Leadership1It’s a great opportunity for students to gain new skills. It is also a fantastic addition to a CV and it adds value to it. We are very proud that this year we got quite a few students from Computing through the tough selection process. Initially, students have to fill in an application and write a personal statement. Once they have been approved through that they need to attend a selection day at the army barracks, it’s very challenging but also lots of fun. Those students who manage to get through the selection day then need to attend a residential. It is only after completing all these stages that a student can join the leadership programme.



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